Dear friends and tango fans,
we are happy to announce the new edition of:

In-Boscati Tango Art Residence

30 – 31 August  & 1 September
Registration opening April 22th – 8 pm

We’re back! Welcome to the wood!
After a break we return to the wood with many new ideas.
Have a look at our theatre in the shape of a leaf.
A tango adventure like no other one!

Three days of tango in a fantastic wood!
Mondaino’s Arboreto is a place of art and nature, lying on the sweet hills of Romagna.

A vibrant and kicking theatre, a European centre of artistic research, a wooden and stone venue built as a big leaf lying upside down.

The participation to In-Boscati tango marathon is strictly reserved to the people of the IN-BOSCATI tango group.


Mondaino is a prestigious Renaissance village of the ancient Malatesta family. Built on the hills between Rimini and Cattolica, it’s the ideal place to plunge into nature while being at so very few kms from the Adriatic Coast.

The area around Mondaino is full of accommodation facilities (B&Bs, Agritourisms, Hotels, Villas/flats) and gorgeous restaurants for lunch and/or dinner.

It is easy to get to Mondaino!
Yes, why not!
Just take a flight →
→ Rent a car and then you’ll be with us!

The nearest airports are Rimini, Bologna and Ancona.

How to reach us