We are so sad!
This year we can not dance in our magical wood!
IN-BOSCATI tango marathon 2021 is CANCELLED
We look forward to the end of August 2022.
The Theatre The Arboreto – Mondaino has resumed its activities of artistic residences but we are not yet in the condition to be able to organize IN-BOSCATI tango with the quality that we aim every time to reach.

Participation to In-Boscati is strictly reserved to the people of the Facebook IN-BOSCATI tango group.

Registration Method

We will accept up to 260 dancers equally balanced.
It is not necessary to register as a couple but if you have a partner, you can let us know it in the registration form.
It is not possible to buy tickets for single days.
We consider your registration as a declaration by which you accept our rules for the organization of the event.

Registration Form

Registration Method

Registration is exclusively possible through our website.
Please fill in the form that you can find at the end of this page.
Registrations through emails and/or Facebook messages are not accepted.
You can register only as single dancer.
If you have a partner (“sentimental” or “other kind of partner” – for example your favorite dancer!) you can let us know it in the registration form (please simply write the name of your partner and we will do our best to fulfill your wishes!)

Acceptance Criteria

Please note that “first come, first served” is not a priority parameter in the registration process.
We want and we need to consider a lot of elements to obtain a good mix of people and role balance at the marathon.
The confirmation to participate is strictly personal and it is not transferable to another person without the organizers’ authorization.

Acceptante Process

After your registration you will receive an automatic email to confirm that the process was successful (if you don’t receive the email, please, check the SPAM folder or contact us).
We will reply as soon as possible but not immediately!
Please keep in mind that we need about 10 days to process all the requests. After this time, you will receive a positive message confirming your participation or an email for your inclusion on the waiting list (depending on the number of registered persons and their balance).
In your confirmation email you will receive the payment details and the form to register to the A.S.D. Artemusica Tango association / FAITANGO.
All participants to IN-BOSCATI Tango marathon must be members of the Artemusica Tango Association / FAITANGO (organizing association of the event).
Please note that your participation won’t be confirmed until we will receive and confirm your successful payment.


Payment method – Bank transfer
Bank details will be communicated by mail once you are accepted.
In case of extra-European bank transfer, please make sure, that the full amount of requested money is booked to our account.
We can’t cover bank services, charges or other dues. Any missing amount will be charged at check-in.


If you can’t come to the marathon, your payment can be refunded only if your cancellation request is sent to us before the 6th of June. Any further cancellation request won’t be accepted.
After the 6th of June, you can send us a proposal change … you can find a substitute participant, but please remember that the change has to be accepted by the organizers. This procedure is possible only until 14th August (the request can be submitted via email to
After the 14th of August no more changes will be allowed.