Mondaino’s Arboreto is a place of art and nature, lying on the sweet hills of Romagna.
In-Boscati’s theatre is very evocative and fascinating.
An old wood hiding a contemporary theatre. A vibrant and kicking venue, a wooden and stone building in the shape of a big leaf lying upside down.

An international centre for artistic research promoting theatre and performing arts culture and an innovative institution for creative residencies and training projects.

The Teatro Dimora together with its guesthouse and a 9 acres wood with around 6.000 plants make the Arboreto a unique facility, particularly appropriate for artistic research and new productions.
The Teatro Dimora was opened in Spring 2004 and is equipped with the most modern technologies and equipments.

During In-Boscati all the stage and stand area disappear in order to leave space for a special “super-soft” wooden dance floor of 200 square meters.

Around the dance floor, a lot of room is available for other areas (social activities, bar & buffet-brunch, dressing facilities).