Let’s get wild!
Wild Camp Into Arboreto

( available during In-B Tango Art Residence)

Wild, spartan, close to theatre and cheap solution!
The “Arboreto Camping” is not a “proper” camping! What we call “camping” is the chance we give to more or less 60-70 people (25-30 tents) to camp on the wood close to the theatre.
The camping area is 20 metres away from the theatre and it is made of large, flat, shady footpaths running trough the wood and around the theatre.
Women camping toilets are in the theatre and they are open in the same opening hours of the theatre. Men camping toilets are close to the Arboreto guesthouse (100 m away from the theatre). Please, be aware that these last toilets are very basic and stark, showers are included but a good ability to adapt is suggested.

Booking of the camping tent places will be possible only after the reception of the event confirmation participation sent by the management staff.
If you fancy living the full marathon without ever leaving the wood, book immediately your tent place by sending an e-mail to¬†with subject “camping” and by specifying the number of people and nights.