In-Boscati Dj Team 2019

Age Akkerman

30 FRIDAY | 10.30 PM – 2.30 AM

As a passionate pianist, dancing tango inevitably led Age to dive deep into tango music. He studied and played in several tango orchestras, but found his place in musicalizing the milongas.
He aims to connect us via the music with ourselves and each other. He leads you through the whole spectrum of emotions with a reliable stream of delicate, romantic, rhythmic, energetic and dramatic tangos.
Age retunes tangos to their original tempo and pitch, which sounds more natural and much better. Analyzing speed/pitch variations, he found that most tangos have been transferred at incorrect speeds (see Age displays tanda-info with a projector on the wall.
Age is a regular DJ at international tango events and a resident DJ at various milongas in the Netherlands.

Benny Campana

30 FRIDAY | 2.30 AM – 6.30 AM

I’ve been constantly DJing in the main milongas of Emilia-Romagna and Northern Italy since 2014.
I’ve been one of the Resident TJs of Rimini’s Maquina Tanguera since 2015.

Since then, I’ve been playing in many milongas, encuentros and events in my region, in the main Italian cities (Milan, Turin, Rome, Venice, Bologna, Florence) and abroad too (many times in Paris).
In July 2018, I played in the final evening of the 9th European Championship organized by Tango BA in Cervia (province of Ravenna).
I prefer the “Epoca de Oro” orchestras and, above all, I love Troilo, Di Sarli, Pugliese, D’Arienzo and Tanturi.
The TJ has never the leading role of the evening: the embraces in the dance floor really are the key elements. I surely do prefer to see a dance floor full of smiling dancers rather hearing applauses.

Alan Spotti

31 SATURDAY | 3.00 PM – 7.30 PM

Long time dancer, the passion for music leads him to start his Dj-ing activity in 2005. A journey with a focused study leads him to find his own personal style … “How do my own sets develop?”… there’s no rule, I like to play with the energy in the dance floor, with the right rotation between fast and slow rhythm, feeling and enjoyment … trying to obtain a buena onda and involving dancers at the maximum level …”

Benedicte Bomboncito

Benedicte Bomboncito

31 SATURDAY | 10.30 PM – 2.30 AM

As a DJ, I first love to research the true energy of every song, to articulate them into a tanda that will tell you a story. When I play my selection, I like to lead you on a travel through your personal life experience, tanda after tanda, like day after day, emotion after emotion…
Bénédicte Beauloye, alias DJ Bomboncito, is a young tango dj with 19 years of tango experience. At the end of last milenium, she met tango and directly fall in love with it! She learned dancing through regular lessons and many workshops in Europe with many well-known maestros. During her trip in Buenos Aires , she concentrated on the classical milongas where she had the chance to be invited by some legends dancers like El Pibe Sarandi, Tete, Flaco Dany and more. Milonga lover, she organised several milonga workhops in Brussels with Ricardo Maceiras and Dany Garcia. She is now travelling for 10 years in all events around Europe. At home, she is exploring music collection of Jens-Ingo Brodesser her husband (Vinyls and 78 T). They organise together since 5 years the international tango event ‘la Cita de los Amigos’ in Belgium. Beside tango life, she is director for Belgian television and mother of a fantastic girl.

Joël Silva

Joël Silva

31 SATURDAY | 2.30 AM – 6.30 AM

I started Tango in 2008, I became addicted almost immediately, practicing and going to Milongas became my favourite activities. The passion for the rithms and history kept me hooked to this dance and culture.
My first Tango DJ experience was in 2010, when a friend challenged me to play at his Milonga.
Ever since i’ve been exploring Orchestras and creating stories with tandas.
I would describe my sets as balanced between soft and rhythmical, building tandas in a crescendo, finishing with the best song to give the dancers the best ending.
One of my favourite Orchestras is Pugliese, both to listen to it and to dance it, it is so strong with emotions. I am still working on not playing too much of D’Arienzo, who is my guilty pleasure.

Laura Iaru

Laura Iaru

1 SUNDAY | 3.00 PM – 8.00 PM

Laura Iaru comes from Bucharest (Romania). She has been Dj-ing since 2009. Laura loves Djing mostly Golden Age danceable pieces and her great happinness while Djing is to see the people happy on the dance floor. She also travelled few times to Buenos Aires between 2008 – 2015 and spent time in milongas portenas and also learnt about tango music a lot from her maestros Javier Rodriguez & Andrea Misse, from old milongueros portenos & Argentine Djs as well.

Besides Bucharest and the rest of Romania, Laura has been Dj-ing along the years in: Italy, France, Turkey, Ukraine, Sweden, Moldova, Poland, Bulgaria, Germany, Qatar.

And looking forward to Dj-ing for the first time at your IN BOSCATI Tango Marathon!

Filippo Giacomelli

Filippo Giacomelli

1 SUNDAY | 9.30 PM – 2.30 AM

My music range goes from the 30s to the 50s, with a preferenze to the sugna songs. I particularly take care of cortinas. My slogan is “More D’Arienzo for all”.